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Welcome to San Francisco Stitch Co.!
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No time for a lengthy project? Just discovered us and not sure where to start?
Nibble at the buffet that is San Francisco Stitch Co. with our 2012 Sampler
Set. We’ve selected a variety of some of our favorite designs from the past
year and also included some sneak peeks at future collections—one for each
month of the year. It’s a great way to jump in, learn, and complete a little bit
of embroidery each month. The set includes six regular embroidery designs,
two appliqué designs, and four appliquéd in the hoop projects. Complete
instructions and color charts included; hoop sizes below.
Noelle, 4x4; 5x5; 6x6; 8x8. From our American Beauty series, Noelle’s frosty ferns and
snowflakes will leave you as breathless as a long, lustrous winter day.

LoveBird Heart; 3.5x4 A sneak peak at our upcoming “Love Letters”collection, bullion roses
and satin stitching give this tiny jewel a look that says “handmade.”

Blue Jay, 4x4, 5x5, 6x6, 8x8. In spite of its quarrelsome behavior and raucous cry, to have this
gorgeous bird in your backyard is truly a treat-- draw one in thread today!

L’il Spring Basket, 4x4. This tiny little basket is just right for some jelly beans—or a tiny little
egg! Perfect as favors for your Easter table. An “in the hoop” project.

Dahlia Star, 4x4; 5x5; 6x6; 8x8. Stitch up a gorgeous, traditional Dahlia Star block with none
of the tedious appliqué or pricked fingers.

White Picket Fence, 4x4. It’s the American Dream, along with the house, dog, cat, and
station wagon! While real life looks a bit different, you’ll still love our sweet little fence.

Whattamelon Coasters, 4x4.  Feel the heat with our “one in a melon” embroidery design!
These cute round coasters are made completely in the hoop.

Morning Glory, 4x4; 5x5; 6x6; 8x8. Our sketchbook collections represent some of our best
work—digitized from our own drawings to give the effect of a tiny colored pencil sketch. Enjoy
one perfect morning glory-- a little work of art.

Wrought Iron Fence, 4x4. Good fences make for good neighbors, but they also make for a
gorgeous embroidery design, too!  A perfect accent for your floral designs.

Candy Costume Bat, 4x4; 5x5; 6x6. Our candy costume Vampire Bat is much too cute to
spook and is stitched completely in the hoop. It fits a candy kiss or fun size bar inside!  

Oneida, 4x4; 5x5; 6x6; 8x8. Get a jump on our newest American Beauty to be released in early
2012. Oak and maple leaves drift down on a beautiful branch—all rendered perfectly in thread.

Santa Candy Cane Character, 5x7. Candy canes come in every flavor under the sun these
days, so leave it to Santa to make sure yours are dressed to the nines!  
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