Carefree Highways Stitchalong begins!
Welcome to our new road trip... we'll be issuing a machine cross stitch
design for each of the fifty states! Every two to three months, we'll be
releasing a new set of five... collect them all to make a fabulous, patriotic
quilt, stitch your home state, or make a very special journey with states
that are special to you.
Designs are provided in both 4-1/2" and 6" squares. Fifteen are finished
below... expect the unexpected as we add to our collection--we'll be
crisscrossing and hopping around as we go... JOIN US!
We are committed to: Highest Quality, Original Designs, Excellent Prices & Great Customer Service.
All contents of this website are ©Copyright 2007-2020 by All designs are ©copyright San Francisco
Stitch Co. and are protected by U.S. copyright laws. Designs may not be copied, altered or resold in any manner.
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Click to order Set One:
Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas
and California
Set One: Alphabetically Arranged: "Start Your Engines"
Set Two: Highest Populations: "We the People"
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Click to order Set Two:
Florida, Illinois, New York,
Pennsylvania, and Texas
Set Three: National Park States
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Click to order Set Three:
Maine, Colorado,
Tennessee, Wyoming,
and Utah
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